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Reduce unnecessary costs

There are a lot of different ways to reduce your spending on energy consumption. Finding the optimal contract already yields short term results. But if you plan for a long-term solution the detailed analysis of energy usage and consumer behavior is crucial to the identification bottlenecks. Finding those will allow you massive optimization and savings in the process.

Enviromentally friendly

All the resources we have at our disposal are finite. This means, that an efficient and conscious usage is essential. Sometimes already small changes in internal processes can result in a huge reduction in wasteful behavior. And only gathering information for the full scope of energy consumption allows for a deeper understanding of the big picture. This way waste can be mitigated and our environment protected.

Increase quality

Increasing the quality of collected data records is key to a richer comprehension of the entire system. Insights generated from these will allow you to focus your efforts on key aspects. All of this will be made possible thanks to reducing manual system interactions, collecting relevant data for invoices automatically and sending records directly to financial management systems. This ensures the consistency of data and prevents human error, sparing your employees of long, tedious and repetitive tasks.


Uniform base

Analyze and evaluate your consumers under all kinds of aspects in high detail. No matter whether the case is about the classification of a cost center, simple location data recording or contract and invoice data management, cENtERGY allows for an in-depth look at all those processes. This will help you to always make the right decisions at the right time.

Holistic view

Thanks to the use of cENtERGY companies can finally evaluate their facilities and the respective energy consumption under the technical as well as commercial aspect. The diverse repertoire of options regarding comparisons of contracts and prices and data sets of time series enables you to take advantage of huge optimization potentials.

Constant improvement

cENtERGY continuously supports you in improving your system and energy consumption. And as a BA FA certified energy management system it represents a very reliable foundation. The greatly detailed monitoring of all kinds of parameters and aspects lets you constantly optimize your system and eliminate bottlenecks. The large variety of reporting options gives you direct control over this process and its development in accordance with ISO 50001.


cEntERGY Monitor
  • Measuring and Controlling for energy consumption
  • Maintenance of pricing options
  • Generation of reliable forecasts
  • Mapping of cost centers
  • Management for billing and accounting
  • Simulation of invoices
  • Handling for master data records in regards to EDM, ZFA, and billing
  • Interfaces to other systems (SAP, EDM, AD)
  • Linking events (e.g. alerts or reporting) to email notifications

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